Dirty Rotten Dance Party



105 Eldridge St.

New York New York NY United States

Music Style: DJ (djs, live electronica, edm, house, disco house, techno)

Dirty Rotten Dance Party Details

Come get down for the Dirty Rotten Dance Party!!

$7 cover, $5 with RSVP to dirtyrottendanceparty@yahoo.com



The City Music Project is a well-balanced hybrid of electronic and traditional musical components, based out of Philadelphia, PA. Their sound travels through elements of reggae, hip-hop, house, dub, progressive rock, trance, latin, funk, drum & bass, dancehall, and world music with artistic integrity and progressive force.



Tucci is a lifelong musician and relatively recent club convert who from the comforts of the suburbs once claimed he would never be a city person. Times change. Getting hooked on dance music and starting to DJ brought him closer and closer to New York City until moving in was the only option. Since arriving in Brooklyn in 2008, he’s made a habit out of spending his weekends deep in the NYC club and underground party scene, collecting stylistic ammunition. Different nights would reinforce different elements of the music that makes Tucci tick; the 80′s drums and basslines of Chicago & Detroit, brain-tingling touches of acid house, the warmth and heart of disco and the modest restraint of minimal techno. A “play anywhere, anytime” mentality has seen Tucci blurring genre lines for appreciative crowds at underground parties, music festivals, clubs, backyards, basements, and dorm rooms across 7 states. He is constantly delivering relevant, gripping house and techno music with sincerity and class.



Unless youve been laying in a miserable hole in the ground with your stupid head lodged awkwardly in a large pot of honey for the past 77-and-a-half years, you have undoubtedly had your eyes, ears and long, beautiful legs opened by the mellifluous melodies and bitch-strangling beats of the dastardly DJ known this side of the Carpathian Mountains as Marmon. Raised by wolves in the jungles of India, the savage sampler took to the turn tables like a duck to plum sauce. Known primarily for his sultry, slutty funk, deeply perverse danciness and the impressively high body count at his live shows, the depraved lunatic was once even heard to describe his music, entirely out of context, as delicious, warm apple pie gingerly garnished with hot sauce. I swear to Christ if you dont piss yourself when you see him, youll wet the bed later that night.