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DJ Bamboozle

The Bank’s Sunday night industry party welcomes San Diego phenomenon and official DJ for the Phoenix Suns, DJ Bamboozle! Resident DJ Karma and Ikon rounds out a fantastic evening of entertainment at The Strip’s world-class nightlife venue.

Currently maintaining monthly residencies in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and other spots across the USA, DJ Bamboozle has emerged as one of the new upcoming young DJs in the game. Las Vegas venues such as Haze, 1Oak, Tryst, day club Bare Pool are spots that you can catch Bamboozle at again this year. The world famous Grey Stone Manor , in Los Angeles is a place that has become very familiar with.

His authentic love of music and its universal power to connect the masses continue to propel this powerhouse DJ towards becoming one of the industry’s most recognizable and elite. His name is Jeremy Adams, however, his talent and creative ability to synergize music on turntables and unite people on the dance floor has respectfully allowed many to love and embrace him as DJ Bamboozle.

Originally from Washington State, DJ Bamboozle moved to San Diego at a very early age and still claims the tranquil city as home. His interest in music and becoming a DJ was recognized from childhood and the energy he felt every moment he entered a DJ booth reaffirmed his passion. Perfecting and mastering his craft with inspiration from idols such as the late great DJ AM and legendary DJ Jazzy-Jeff, Bamboozle lived by the mantra “It’s a sin to be good, when you were born to be great”. With this ingrained in him, he truly understood that commitment, sacrifice, and practice were imperative towards following and achieving his desired goals. His years of practice on turntables housed on his broken down and dilapidated dresser would pay off on one rainy and unexpected night in the city of Sacramento.

On a business trip with his usual habit of computer and equipment in tow, a friend called to inquire if he would consider filling in for a booked DJ who had just cancelled. Bamboozle was ecstatic and immediately alerted friends that his opportunity had arrived. This was his turning point and debut moment that embarked him on his professional journey as DJ Bamboozle. The unexpected experience and breakout also taught him a great lesson of being prepared and appreciative for any opportunity but most importantly, the ability to allow his talent to maximize the unforeseen.

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