DJ Noluv Fridays

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DJ Noluv Fridays Details

Reflections Cabaret and Z103.5 The Beat of Halifax present
DJ NoLuv
Every Friday

Reflections Cabaret
5184 Sackville Street,
Halifax NS, B3J 2N1

Come out and see NoLuv’s kick ass set every Friday night!!

NoLuv will keep your feet movin’ on the dancefloor all night long! See you there!!

Cover is $7 before 1am and $9 after.

students free with valid student id

RAW from NO LUV Bio A.F. Bradley When asked who are some the hardest working rappers in Jacksonville “Duval” Florida. One of the names that comes to mind would be RAW from No Luv. Growing up near the birthplace of Hip-Hop, in his hometown of Philadelphia, P.A., RAW’s love for music and Hip-hop began at an early age. Having many influences the one that stands out the most is his family. Guided into Hip-hop by his older and younger brothers, RAW was exposed to the various arts surrounding Hip-Hop. Later on as a change in pace, RAW’s family decided to move to Jacksonville, FL. Which helped him uncover the Genre of southern Hip-Hop even more. When asked which is more influential in his music. RAW states “It would be an injustice to try and name all of the artist that have influenced me. I love all regions and all genres.” Attributing his skills for versatility, to the appreciation he has for all regions. The first work RAW put out, with his newly formed group “No Luv, was the single “Roll Wit it Stroll Wit it”, which instantly became a hot item on the streets. After seeing the reaction from fans, No Luv then decided to provide a full length album “Who 2 Trust” which featured the talent of members Mr. Floyd, B, T. Dirty, and Go. “Who 2 Trust” began getting a buzz immediately, with approximately 2000 albums being sold. Shortly there after, the group had to deal with the loss of their close friend and member Go, whom after his life being taken to soon, became “The Late Great Go”. After experiencing the repercussions of the loss of his friend, RAW began pushing the album even harder. “Who 2 Trust was the last thing Go’s voice was on. I wanted the whole world to know how great of a rapper he was. I decided that everyone was going to hear my dawg ride.” RAW began pushing Who 2 Trust day in and day out. Which is why to this day, he is known as one of the hardest grinders in Duval. “There wasn’t a club, or parking lot I didn’t walk in without having No Luv CD’s in my hand.” The end result being close to 20,000 Who 2 Trust albums sold to date. RAW continued his momentum with No Luv, and received the same response with the various projects that followed. As time moved on, RAW decided that it may be time to pursue a solo career. Still wanting everyone to know that he would always be apart of No Luv, he birthed the name RAW from No Luv. Once solo, RAW’s momentum stayed steady with two EP’s Ghetto 2 Ghetto and Hate Motivated, as well as two full-length album This Life I kno and 2008 release Inertia. Outside of RAW’s music he continues to be featured on various projects such as The Duval Mixtape, and Bigga Rankins WRNR. The album sales still continuing as successful as the first, RAW feels like a great deal of he success is due to the realness of his music, never fabricating subject matter, and producing most of his own music. RAW provides a emotion along with his music that gets you involved and holds you to the very end. This fact alone continues to earn him various independent awards such as Independent Artist Networks “Artist of the Year” for 2007, 3 consecutive Ghetto Grammy’s/Diamond Awards, and C.Wakelys “Love is Love” award Since 2007 RAW has been signed with T. Pain’s mother for management with Gold Fire Entertainment. While working with Gold Fire, RAW has been performing up and down the East Coast with shows in GA, MS, AL, SC, and through most of Florida. Being able to bless the state with such headliners as T. Pain, Trick Daddy, and LiL Wayne. Living up to his title of Grinder of the Year, RAW keeps busy with working on up and coming projects, has started up his own label Multi Music Group and recording studio MMG. RAW still pushes his albums in the streets every day, and works on his website WWW.DUVALCOUNTYLUV.COM, which is an outlet he provided for local Duval artists to network, and get feedback on their work. With all of this on his plate, RAW still finds time to provide one of the liveliest, most energetic performances you can come across in Jacksonville. Whether it be getting in the crowd to get people involved, or jumping from one end of the stage to the other, RAW’s energy is full blast from the moment he steps on stage, till the moment he steps off. “My voice is damn near gone, and my body is tired, but I will do it every night, and give them even more every time. I want to leave knowing I gave my fans 200%.”