Fat Tuesdays With Brass Heaven

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Fat Tuesdays With Brass Heaven Details

Fat Tuesdays with Brass Heaven

While Dapp’s exact origins are unknown, it’s clear that he’s the product of a secret government program to create the perfect funkdified super-soldier, in order to defeat the impending emo threat to all humanity.

To that end, Dapp has been spreading fresh, retro-fied funkness to audiences since early in 2008. He has also been a covert contributing funk-nasty ninja for the bands The Blue Method, The BurnDown All Stars, Mortal Men and Peripheral Rhythm. Hes played bass, performed vocals and written music for each of the groups hes been part of before taking the fight out to the people on his own. His songs and performances are dynamic and catchy, and his danceable funk-pop grooves and smart lyrics are infectious and interesting.

Dapp tours with a badass power-soul free-for-all of musicians. Audiences agree: Dapp and his band are raucous full fledged jazz-jam monster, like a groovin’ Godzilla, rising up out of a frothy funk ocean and wreaking sick R&B havoc on thousand of fleeing innocent concert-goers ears.

Dapp and his band are currently destroying venues such as World Cafe Live, The North Star, The Fire, Mad River Philadelphia, The Triumph Brewery and others in support of his first EP, Alone At Last, which was released in April of 2010