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Ec TwinsResidencyBorn and raised in the musically historic city of Manchester, England, Marc and Allister Blackham, also known as the EC Twins, began their career in the House Music scene in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 16. They quickly evolved from flyer boys to creating and running the citys most successful club: Eye Candy. The Twins excelled, drawing in crowds night after night continually packing Eye Candy way beyond capacity. The initials of the infamous nightclub stuck as the brothers are still known around the world as simplyThe EC Twins.In 2005, the Twins launched their own British Invasion and headed for the US determined to bring House Music to the American masses and targeted Los Angeles as a starting block. They began by performing in small clubs, funneling all of their limited finances into their music and performances. Their hard work began paying off as they slowly turned a local fan base into an army of dedicated worldwide followers. Today, the EC Twins still call LA home and are amongst the most influential and in demand DJs in the USA, pursued by every venue from underground to Alist.

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