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Fridays with DJ Gusto

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Fridays with DJ Gusto Details

Fridays with DJ GustoIn 1995 most 13yr old boys were only concerned with sports and what excuse to give for not doing their homework. Within this pop culture driven era, 1995 also gave rise to the development of a young music connoisseur who had a flare for music. With years of music grooming under his young belt, partly due to his older sister and music enthusiast parents, it wasn’t hard for Gustavo Mejia to transcend his love for music behind the turntables. It was in that year in 1995 that gave birth to “DJ GUSTO”. Now exclusively known as “Gusto.”Fast-forward through the evolution of the Dunk and a multitude of Jordan’s, Gusto is now considered one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. Quickly becoming a crowd and celebrity favorite, Gusto has set the mood for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton to name a few. Gusto is also well respected in the music industry for being the man behind “Ape Blends”. With 15 successful volumes, dj’s around the world have equally recognized, not only his ear for music but also his ability to create crowd-pleasing blends and mash-ups.This success is to no surprise to one of the industries most respected duo’s…The Hollaboyz. The Hollaboyz, comprised of Vice & Dj Echo, were the first to recognize his talent and realize that Gusto was an eager up and coming Dj with a talent that equally matched his ambition. Thus they took him under their wing and have been mentors who Gusto accredits much of his success to.Gusto’s intrinsic ability has allowed him to travel all across the nation to Dj in cities such as: Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlantic City, San Francisco and the list goes on. You can also catch Gusto occasionally blazing the airwaves on Los Angeles’ #1 rated Power 106. So whether djing for a fashion show, Grammy party, private party or at one of LA’s hottest night spots, you can rest assure that if Gusto is commanding the turntables his perspective ability to adjust to any crowd, due to his acquisition of music, will have you dancing!

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