Halloween PubCrawl Hartford


Black Bear Saloon

187 Allyn St

Hartford Connecticut United States

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Ahhh,Connecticut. The first impressions about this state might be large houses, lotsof parks and recreational areas, maybe even prestigious universities such asYale. Wildly know as a quite state, Connecticut has more to it than you mightthink. The capital of Connecticut is Hartford, and if you know anything aboutHartford, you know that its filled with a great community of people who enjoya great lifestyle in a beautiful city. One aspect of Hartford that many peopledo not know about, its bar scene! Thats right; Hartford is home to someamazing bars.

Ifyoure interested in getting a fresh look around town, take a look at whatsbeing offered this year for our annual Halloween Pub Crawl. After registeringfor the crawl, the wristband will gain you a free admission into all of theparticipating venues along with drink specials thatll have you drinking untilthe morning sunrise. Now thats something you didnt associate Hartford with,right? Well nows your opportunity to join our Halloween bar crawl and visitthe top rated venues in Hartford while they offer drink specials to all pubcrawl attendees. Get all of your friends together and come on out to the citythat has so much to offer, Hartford!

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Once New Year's Eve wraps up, there'sonly one party holiday that everyone looks forward to in March - St. Patrick'sDay! It's all about being with great friends at different bars throughout theday. […]


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