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Hands-on Cooking Classes

Whether your top dish is a simple tuna casserole or you make a mean beef Wellington we can turbo-charge you skills in a fun filled four hour class. Sure we have the best of equipment and sophisticated recipes but the secret weapons — Ben, Paul and Dan — come with attitude. And the attitude is that packing your class with a sense of fun and adventure makes the learning easy. We give you the hands on experience — from fundamentals on up — that assures your kitchen becomes almost as much fun as your bedroom! And if it becomes more fun then you may need a curriculum that is beyond the scope of what we teach!

Imagine entertaining family, friends and dinner guests without that feeling that something might go wrong … that the evening could disappoint. We start you off with dishes that taste great, look fabulous (five star restaurant fabulous!) and are easy for us to teach and for you to learn. Fifteen minutes in you’ll be having such a good time learning that you will wonder why you didn’t get here sooner.

Groups — private and corporate — are even better. Imagine using our ability to throw a party as your team building experience that takes the most timid cook to confident and competent. Talk about team building — that is the essence of it.

Sign up online or give us a call — either way it’s a first step to picking up real skills while having a ball. Thank you and remember at Kitchen Riddles it’s “Where Cooking Isn’t A Mystery”.