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Marcos Leus

Marcos Eusebio a.k.a. Marcos Leus, was born in the Dominican Republic in November 5th. But emigrated to the U.S. in 1995. Since his early childhood, Marcos showed an amazing aptitude towards music and singing, given that his father is a musician as well, Marcos did not miss an opportunity to showcase his talents as a singer.

Once in the U.S. he began pursuing his dream of becoming a musician, and while still in high school, he began playing in Mambo Encendio a local band from his hometown, as well as winning any talent show that he would participate in. Although his dream of becoming a musician and singer was blossoming, he was also a consummate athlete, in football and wrestling, becoming a district champion in wrestling and participating in the Snapple bowl in football. He received numerous offers for scholarships in both sports.

Out of high school, he began participating in a lot of concerts and with time shared the stage with different famous latin artists such as Salsa legends: Lalo Rodriguez, Paquito Guzman, Merengue artist El Jeffrey, Nelson de la Olla, Banda Chula. Balladists Anais, Anthony Rios, Lucho Gatica. Etc. Receiving great praise from these artists. He’s currently working in his debut album (untitled yet) with the participation of Eunel Torres (producer) ex-member of the Bachata Group Nueva Era, and also Cadmiel Acosta (producer), member of Banda Gorda famous Merengue band, which will showcase furthermore why he is the next step in the evolution of latin music, with impeccable lyrics and original voice, described by some as the Hispanic “usher” R&B bachata. Marcos favorite quote “In life, you should always give 100% in anything you do, that way you will never regret your results because you gave it all you’ve got“.