Hartford St Paddy’s PubCrawl


Black Bear Saloon

187 Allyn St

Hartford Connecticut United States

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Once New Year’s Eve wraps up, there’sonly one party holiday that everyone looks forward to in March – St. Patrick’sDay! It’s all about being with great friends at different bars throughout theday. Remember, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, meaning there’s absolutely no excuse foryou to be cooped up in one bar all day. Variety is key and Hartford residentsknow very well that its bar scene is underrated. If youre not interested intraveling a couple of hours to and from New York City, stay local and enjoy allthe Hartford has to offer on this joyous holiday.


Knowingthat the bar scene in Hartford is one of the best, the producers of the world’slargest PubCrawl are looking to recreate history this coming year with byproducing the official St. Patrick’s Day PubCrawl in Hartford! We hope yourstamina is up to par, because these adventures will have you hopping aroundtown and enjoying the best bars in Hartford with your closest friends. There’snothing better than a great drink special on St. Patrick’s Day, and the ones wehave in store will blow you away. Its one of the only times of the year whereyou can leave the house dressed in all green, have plenty of drinks, and fitright in.

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Ahhh,Connecticut. The first impressions about this state might be large houses, lotsof parks and recreational areas, maybe even prestigious universities such asYale. Wildly know as a quite state, […]


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