Hip Hop Workshop

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Hip Hop Workshop Details

Hip Hop Workshop

The Hip Hop workshop is an interactive class that deals with all aspects of the Hip Hop culture for both beginners and advanced students. Teaching everything from the history and background of the art and music to the business side of grants and record deals. Its aimed to help people progress to the next level in whatever it is they do and at the same time sharpening all of our skills. Each week the class is hosted by local rap veteran Emotionz with guest performers and speakers touching on different topics.

Weve broken down Hip Hop to an 8 Element curriculum that we follow: MCing, Graffiti, Bboying, DJing, Beatboxing, Production [Beat making], The Grind and Character. This lay out gives everybody involved a chance to feel a part of the workshop and contribute in some way. Photographers, promoters, managers, website designers and anything that normally doesnt get the recognition it should within Hip Hop falls under the category of the Grind.

We have rap trivia every week with prizes and giveaways plus some truly amazing freestyle cyphers. You can come participate or just watch as some of Vancouvers best mcs come off the head with freestyles and also share written works with each other. DJs get down on the turntables and producers bring in there beat machines and laptops to play new beats for the class to check out and sometimes rhyme on too. So many friendships, collaborations and music have already evolved from the class its exciting to think what lies ahead. If you wanna learn about the Hip Hop culture in a positive hands on environment come out any Sunday from 6-9pm and see what its all about!