Joe Bachman


Brownies 23 East

23 East Lancaster Ave

Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States

Joe Bachman Details

Joe Bachman

Local Country music icon Joe Bachman makes his way to the 23 East stage on April, 20th.The night will be filled with cool country tunes, Jaegermeister, Budweiser and a whole lotta line dancing… Yeehaw!Make sure you get tickets in advance as they’re going to get mighty expensive as we get closer to the event.

So swing your partner over to 23 East and let’s heel toe!
Don’t forget your Cowboy boots!

Joe’s passion for country music led him to Nashville approximately 5 years ago, and he has Never looked back! In turn Nashville has welcomed Joe with open arms… Ken Alphin (Big Kenny of Big & Rich), Kenny Chesney, Lee Brice, as well as some of today’s most popular and prolific songwriters have embraced Joe Bachman’s talent, work ethic, and magnanimous spirit.