K.I.S.S. Fridays



2331 12th Ave

New York New York NY United States

Music Style: Open Format

Dress Code: Keep It Simple & Sexy

K.I.S.S. Fridays Details

K.I.S.S. Fridays

Live Percussion By

Music By
DJ Fatfingaz

Special Birthday Celebration For
Promoter Alex Toribio

DJ Fatfingaz
Playing an instrument in any form is not an easy task, especially for a DJ. Skill and eye-hand coordination is key. The name FATFINGAZ exemplifies that very notion – hand control that equates the resulting sound. Either cutting it up with precise ease or mastering the attention of thousands of people at one time, DJ Fatfingaz is the representation of a pure DJ. For the past 15 years and counting,

The New York Native DJ Fatfingaz has immersed himself in practically every aspect of DJ Culture. Making a name for himself as a force in the industry, his foundation in technical art of party rocking is combined with a background in technical skills for the hundred, thousands & millions at a time whether it would be mega nightclubs, concerts/ festivals or live radio worldwide.

Aside from touring domestically & internationally in Europe, Asia, Caribbean and more, the aforementioned details of DJ Fatfingaz (the combination of technical skill, party rocking mega clubs, Host of Events/ Crowd Motivator & being a business minded individual) makes him a multiple threat in an industry where DJ’s are easily disposed. A passionate individual in terms of his Career, he is very adamant about maintaining “the love of the crowd”.