LDW2014 Kickoff party with DJ Bayati

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LDW2014 Kickoff party with DJ Bayati Details

Rooftop Wednesdays
LDW2014 Kickoff party with DJ Bayati
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DJ Bayati

Bayati has emerged in the South Bay entertainment scene as a musically captivating artist. Known to some as Brian Bayati and to many more as just Bayati, Brian has been aggressively performing in various arenas and venues all across Southern California: from Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo and south passed Manhattan Beach and San Diego.In his formative years, Brian grew up playing piano, drums and guitar among other instruments without any formal classes or instruction. However, knowing at a young age he wanted to find his niche musically, it was at the age of 16 that he decided to actively take the first step into becoming a career DJ by performing at local venues.

Brian has since not only found his footing and gained momentum in the entertainment business, but hes also broadened his experience in multiple avenues including: local taverns, private parties, music festivals and dance clubs.He often challenges himself by performing with other instrumental artists as well, leaving few opportunities unconquered. Having been recognized as DJ of the year in 2011 in the South Bay, Bayati is now furthering his career by taking the steps towards producing his own music. Drawn towards Electronic Dance Music, Bayati is now creating a new path for himself as he continues to grow as an artist with his sidekick Jeffrey the Panda and becoming a staple entertainer throughout the West Coast.