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low Indigo

This event has expired.

low Indigo Details


new night. new venue.

forward-moving bass-focused music. dubstep. post-dubstep. wonky. etc. etc.

with a new kinda rule-of-thumb that music past midnight will always be dance floor friendly. (don’t worry, we’re not talking club anthems here. we’re only saying that IF anything really “leftfield” is going to happen – weird wonky stuff or some new fresh stuff that’s just being tested out or really experimental dubtep, etc. – it’ll happen earlier in the night)

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it’s now all happening @ 917 Main (formally the cobalt), newly renovated.

with lighta! sound members and a healthy variety of locals, all in extended rotation.
(another rule of thumb is: never the same line-up twice, keep it fresh!)

and regularily (twice a month-ish) featuring out-of-town talent as well.

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LOW INDIGO @ 917 Main
Fridays, 10 – 2am
LOCALS NIGHTS – $5 before 11pm / $8 after
BIG HEADLINER NIGHTS – cheaper before 11pm / no more than $15 after