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Mad Decent Mondays

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Mad Decent Mondays Details

Mad Decent Mondays


Fluid NightClub

Special Guest:
Brendan Bring’ EM Philly, PA // Soul Travelers

Resident DJs:
DJ Sega
Uncle Ron
Dirty South Joe

No Cover / 21+ / 10-2

Sega Boigraphy

Robert DJ Sega Taylor Jr. isnt your typical young bol. Only 20 years old, he espouses a knowledge of and enthusiasm for the finer points of music better than heads twice his age.Taylors father DJ Brother Rob raised him on classic soul, and his obsession with music grew from there. I love every genre, from classical to heavy metal, he beams. I understand it and love it all. If you see me without my headphones, then Im going through something and theres a problem.

Currently holding residence Friday nights at Jamz Roller Skating Center with DJ Dee Square, and Sundays at Pinnacle, Taylor is one of Phillys most respected party music DJs.As a producer his stock has exploded with Woo Hah! and the track currently forcing kids to Wu-Tang their asses off, Ghetto Hokey Pokey.

Asked to describe the nuances that differentiate Baltimore, Jersey and Philly club music, Taylor breaks it down. Baltimore club is more for the club scene. Its hype, and has a lot of horns, he explains. Jersey club is a little more mainstream simply because they chop it up more to make remixes of mainstream hip-hop, and they use a lot of bass. Philly club has elements of bothwithout as many horns, and it also has a lot of bass. I try to add some soul to it too.

Ever positive, Sega is a man with a mission, I just want people to hear my music and feel whatever bad situation theyre in either doesnt exist or wont be a problem for long. When you dance and hear music that makes you move, you get a feeling that its gonna be all right.