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Neurodance Details

Edwin Somnambulist, Dreamstate Seven, the Hangedman, and various guests; the hosts of Neurodance who thrive on a passion for music and love to see people have a good time.This one is about you, the people!

Neurodance is about the music and the people who love the music. This event would not exist without you and therefore our collective mission is to do everything we can to bring you the best experience we can. With a magical blend of classics and the best of new and breaking music in the scene, we hope to create an incredible collective experience.

As DJs we wish to remain open and accessible. This is not about fame, power, and glory, but about inspiring you folks to hit the dance floor to your favorite beats. When we approach our craft we want to be committed with humility and the knowledge that we all share one thing, a love of the music. We are merely ambassadors for the multitude of incredible, hard-working artists across the planet.