Organix Saturdays


Taste Lounge

560 Seymour Street

Vancouver BC Canada

Music Style: DJ (psy trance)

Dress Code: none

Organix Saturdays Details

Organix Thursdays
9:30-2am, free before 9:30, $6 cover
Organix is North America’s only weekly dedicated psy trance night.

Organix is the name of the production company that started in 1995, brainchild of Chris Schmidt of Phantasm Records. It is the longest running night in Vancouver. Starting off as an underground night during the week it is now a place for Vancouverites and travelers to get their weekly psy trance fix!

To quote a famous Doof song, Organix’ motto is “Let’s turn on” and is an avenue to turn on as many people to psy trance and give those in the
know, their weekly dosage.

With a fun, laid back atmosphere, Organix shows Vancouver what psy trance should be… Loud and Proud. Organix is located just off the beaten path of Vancouver’s mainstream club scene and draws an eclectic mixed crowd of the trendy, hippy, chic, young, old, white haired, bald, beautiful… all there for the music!

Organix has also branched out to bigger venues for special events and brought in international acts such as Infected Mushroom, GMS, Hallucinogen, Eskimo, Astral Projection, Loopus in Fabula, Triptych, Deeper in Zen, Shatka, Xenomorph, Nystagmus, and Kode IV to name a few… Our goal is to work closely with the locals involved in the scene, keep and make psy trance accesible to everyone… and of course to have a rocking good time while doing it. When in Vancouver… be sure to check out Organix!


$6 cover, free before 9:30
398 Richards

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