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2425 Norfolk

Houston Texas United States

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Patrice Pike
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Patrice Pike

Austin, Texas is known for its laid back, bohemian yet ultra committed music scene–something Austin native Patrice Pike immediately conveys.

She’s been a professional musician since she was sixteen, but has maintained such a raw, down-to-earth quality and irrepressible talent that Billboard magazine proclaimed her “one of the finest up and coming contemporary rock singers in America”. High praise–and richly deserved.

An award winning singer songwriter rocker with a punk edge, she’s co-created numerous records and musical groups (including Sister Seven and Patrice Pike and the Blackbox Rebellion), toured all over the United States and Western Europe and just plain impressed those who’ve seen, heard and watched the talented woman. And if deep musical aptitude wasn’t enough, Patrice is a dedicated humanitarian who, in addition to other progressive endeavors, works with at-risk youth in Austin and abroad. In both music and life, Patrice Pike truly is the real deal.