Pear Shaped In Fitzrovia

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Pear Shaped In Fitzrovia Details

Pear Shaped In Fitzrovia

Every Wednesday, Regardless Of Football, Wars, Tsunamis, Swine Flu, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Credit Crunches, Unemployed Bankers, Lack Of Comics, Audience, Jokes, Laughs, Enthusiasm, or Even The Will To Live MCs Brian & Krysstal + Anthony Miller, Proudly Present Loads Of Comics Loads Of Laughs And Loads Of Fun. + Live Music From Al Mandolino.

Every now and then it all goes a bit tits up – but then, that’s why its called Pear Shaped.
A line-up of acts ranging from the highly professional to the unashamedly amateurish. It is wild. Madly wonderful. The Stage

This unthreateningly cheerful atmosphere lends a real sense of fun to the evening a unique comic experience that you really have to sample at least once. Chortle

I laughed so much I nearly blew a kidney out me arse! A Punter

Doors 8pm Show 8 30pm Admission £5 Food Available