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Play Hard


Play Nightclub

1045 Fifth Street

Miami Florida United States

Music Style: DJ

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Play Hard Details

Play Hard

Amateur MMA Showcase
$25,000.00 Lightweight Tournament

Music by
DJ Epps

Cage Mc
Rodolfo Roman

DJ Epps
When it comes down to rocking parties DJ Epps is definitely the man to call. Born Yves Felix, a Haitian-American, was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, where during his early years found his passion to become a DJ. Listening to one of New York Citys finest urban radio personalities, DJ Red Alert played the hip-hop greats of the 80s such as Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, and KRS-1, along with other great DJs such as Kid Capri, Mister Cee, Doo Wop, Tony Touch and of coarse Funkmaster Flex, all of which had an instant impact of him. Around the tender age of 14, at a house party in the neighborhood, little Yves Felix got his very first chance to rock the crowd. DJ Epps was born Epps and his mother moved to Florida during his teenage years and once in Miami, Epps found his way to the streets and quickly became apart of Miamis Hip-Hop culture. One day walking along South Beach, with crates in hand and looking for a chance, Epps met promoter Big Rich, owner of The Sugar Shack, leading to his first opportunity and soon after Epps began playing at his parties every week. Then along comes promoter Chris Pachello, owner of the legendary Fat Black Pussy Cat at Liquids, gave Epps his first big club gig so now hes mingling every night with super celebrities like Harrison Ford, Lil Kim, Michael Jordan just to name a few. DJ Epps exploded onto Miamis Hip-Hop scene well over 10 years ago at The Sugar Shack where he also met the clubs door man, 210 Jack. The two became inseparable friends after working the club every week, and soon after Big Rich moved away from the promoting scene, he passed along his legacy to both of them so they merged to form their own company called Nightbreederz Entertainment.

Through this company, Jack began heavy promotions and very soon began establishing gigs all around the country, like B.E.T.s Rap City with Big Tigger or The Roof, which is a Hip-Hop selection show airing on MUN2. Soon after that Jack became Epps manager/partner and together they became two key pioneers in the game that helped to make Miami one the nations hottest Hip Hop party scenes.” If you don’t know, you better ask somebody?” DJ Epps versatile style of mixing, blending and scratching has solidified his place as one of Miamis most talented and successful DJs. So not only does DJ Epps flip records, but he host video mix shows, keep you rocking in the car to his radio mixes or host mixtapes for his celebrity friends, hes also the co-founder and co-owner of a successful marketing and promotions company called Nightbreederz Marketing and Promotions. Nightbreederz Marketing and Promotions is a company founded by DJ Epps along with his manager and partner 210 Jack. Through their hard work and dedication, DJ Epps and 210 Jack have been able to secure different opportunities throughout the entertainment community, such as Epps having the position with G-Unit as a representative supporting all there up and coming projects, or traveling the globe to places like Taiwan, Nicaragua, Germany, Switzerland, China, Austria, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy to showcase, not only his skills on the ones and twos, but to show his ability to function as an executive. Epps has been fortunate to worked with Interscope Records and Warner Bros Records breaking new artists, as well as street marketing and promotions. Hes also a South Eastern Rep for Shadyville DJ’s, a national DJ Association run by G-Units DJ Whoo Kid for Sirius Satellite, where hes been given power to induct new DJs for Shadyville to break new records in certain regions. Through Nightbreederz Ent, he has also assembled a collection of DJ’s throughout Germany to work together with his company to break new artist all around Europe. He was voted best DJ in Miami by the Source Magazine in 1999-2000 and has hosted thousands of mix tapes for platinum recording artist, as well as unsigned.

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