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Ed “Rico” Santiago
A native of Camden NJ, Rico has been performing locally and nationally on stage and film for over 30 years. At the tender age of 7, Rico realized his dream of being a singer/actor when he placed 2nd at his school’s talent show after melting faces with his version of “America” by Neil Diamond to a 1st grader singing the highly inappropriate “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John. The nuns judging obviously didn’t know it really wasn’t about exercise. Ever since then, he made it his life’s work to shove his success down that girl’s throat (wherever she may be). After 2 national tours and a year in NYC, Rico moved back to Jersey and was a founding member of the cover band The Loop. He also fronted bands some successful bands, Punchbuggy, Roundabout, Liquid Groove and Fat Bald Guys. Taking a break from the band scene he went back to the stage where he became a highly acclaimed actor/director in South Jersey. Rico also serves as Vice President of Collaborative Stage Productions, a professional theater company based at The Eagle Theater in Hammonton, NJ. Rico then got the itch again. At first he thought it was a rash but the doctor ruled that out. So he made his way back with POP SCENE! He thrives off this high energy, off the wall, upbeat, ultimate party/dance band and loves showing the ‘young kids’ that there’s still some bite left in this old dog. When not jammin’ with his band, Rico teaches classes in awesomeness & embracing haters “because without haters how would we know the level of our awesomeness?” He would like to thank the nuns and that 1st grader for giving him that ridiculous work ethic and drive to be the best. Rico also sees a therapist twice a week for obvious reasons.

Anessa LaRae
Being the child of two active duty Army officers for the majority of her life, Anessa hails from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. After spending the past four years at Drexel University obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Music Industry, she now happily considers herself a Philly transplant. Anessa’s true and permanent home, however, is on the stage. Giving her first performance at the age of 5, music is very old friend of this 22-year old singer. Infusing her years of jazz, classical and theatrical vocal training with her innate soul, Ms. LaRae has created a sound just as unique as she is. And with a dynamic and an unforgettable stage show that can only be described as nothing short of amazing, you’ll be sure to remember her name.

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