Quiz Shoe – Broken Trivia Night


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Quiz Shoe – Broken Trivia Night Details

Quiz Shoe – Broken Trivia Night

Broken City Quiz Shoe with hosts, John Frosst, Evan Bootle and DJ Danny Vacon

Sharpen your pencils, dust off your books of random facts and get your drunky thinking caps on! Our wonderful, charming, alarmingly intelligent hosts, John Frosst and Evan Bootle, will test your mind mettle each week, bringing forth the toughest, gnarliest questions to bake your noodle. DJ Danny Vacon will finally have a chance to show off his entire record collection, not just the scuzzy punk wax!

The Quiz Shoe has been engineered by the finest minds here at Broken City and includes several categories: Multiple Choice (hint, the answer is c), Name That Tune (it’s probably “Free Bird”), Fill In The Blanks (mad libs!) and Call Out The Answer (loudest goons win, just like real life). Trivia will test your knowledge of music, pop culture, Canadiana, outer space, inner space, action movies and more!

No Quiz Shoe is complete without delicious food and drink specials to keep your thinker puttering along:

$5/lb chicken wings (feed dat brain)
$15 pitchers of PBR (kill off your slow brain cells, be more smarter)
$7.25 double hi-balls (for downing during those lightning rounds)

Tons of prizes and giveaways are available each week! Sure, the best ones are for the real winners, but here at Broken City, we believe everyone should have a chance to walk away at the end of the night feeling good about themselves.

Teams are Strongly encouraged, so bring your friends and dominate the playing field. Prizes will be awarded to the best team costumes.

Let’s do this. Trivia makes people weird and weird is good. Get Your Quiz Shoes On.

Note: There will be a strict no-cellphone policy in place to avoid cheating cheaters try to cheat at trivia. We will paddle you if you whip a cellphone out (maybe even with your own phone, if you own one of those enormous tablet phones).

Quiz Shoe starts at 7 pm Sharp. $4 per contestant. History is written by the victors, so look alive out there!

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