Rage ATL – Heart Attack

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Rage ATL – Heart Attack Details

Rage ATL – Heart Attack

Rage ATL brings you the Largest Valentines Night Pre Party!

Valentines Heart Give A Way! Ladies Contest!

Each Guy that enters the building will Receive 1 Heart!

Throughout the night each guy will give away his heart.

The Special Lady that receives the most hearts Wins $150 Cash!

Winner will be chosen at Mid Night so Ladies Come Early!

Free Parking / Safe Environment / Amazing Venue / Great People!

Get Ready to experience the city’s Largest Thursday Night Event!

All of the Hottest DJs in Atlanta in 1 Building Every Thursday!

High Quality Production / Extra Special V.I.P for Birthdays!

Enjoy The Biggest and Best Sound System in Atlanta!

No Dress Code. Costumes are Highly Recommended!

RSVP is highly Recommended and Ticket Give A Ways Are Weekly!

This Week DJs

Syl-o (Birthday Set)
SyL-o comes to us from another Planet. but now is currently burning the streets of Atlanta GA. From somewhere in this universe, SyL-o brings us Heavy hitting mash-ups, MIND melting mixes, and Energy that can set a place on Fire!

SyL-o’s influences come from the energy and soul of all types of music, film, and production. First as a DJ, and now as a DJ/producer, SyL-o enjoys creating and spinning heavy dubstep, electro, house and original tunes. He plays bass, guitar and keys/synth and creating and playing music has become his HUGE passion. From Ace of Base to Cradle of Filth, from punk to techno music, SyL-o is a thrill seeker – always living life on the edge. But there’s another side to the mystery known as SyL-o, as he admits a love for “girl bands or girl singers. they will always take my heart.”

At this point in time Loudcloud primarily spins Trap, Dubstep, Drumstep, and DnB. However, he will sometimes play Electro House or MidTempo depending on the situation. He started learning how to DJ in August, 2011. Since then, he has strived to improve my mixing and performance abilities as well as my DJ “resume”.
Over the past year and a half, he has played with world renowned headliners such as: Zeds Dead, Darude, Must Die, Kid Cedek, Document One, Andy C, Downlink, Dirtyloud, Run DMT, Skism, Dodge & Fuski, Drop Goblin, Celldweller, Adroa, Mayhem, Darth & Vader, Gambit, J.Rabbit, Marty Party, Tankman, DJ Fixx, Soulja Boy, and V.I.C.

Fully Automatik
DJ Fully Automatik was born and raised in Atlanta. He brings heavy bass and trap with dubstep and electro. DJ Fully Automatik is like no other. he brings smooth skills with heavy bass and dirty crunk beats. his love for music is out of the universe and it shows when he plays As a child he was always making beats off everything he put his hands on and once Fully Automatik touched the turn tables for the first time it was over. His love for Djing began. Since then he has performed along side bass heavy DJ’s such as Liquid Stranger.Terrivata. Hershee…Mantis.SchoolBoy.Kid Cedek.Titsworth and many top Atlanta local DJ’s.

DJ / Producer / International Ladies Man