Rover a traveling dance party

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Rover a traveling dance party Details

Rover, a traveling dance party
Silk City
Start: August 29, 2011

The Monday Night Traveling Dance Party continues this week at SILK CITY. Deejays Lee Jones, Luvitt, &Royale, along with Master of Ceremonies Tom Charles keep the dancefloor moving at a new venue every week, mixing crowds and music for a fresh Monday Night party.
10pm. $5

DJ Royale
DJ Luvitt
DJ Lee Jones
Tom Charles
DJ Royale

DJ royale has been honing his craft behind the turntables for the past 10 years and is just beginning to gain national exposure. His interest in hip hop music, turntablism, & breakdancing at the age of 14 led him right to the turntables. Having no money to buy the equipment needed, his older cousin lent him a pair of technics and a crate of records which undoubtedly opened the doors to his future …as a professional DJ and all-around music lover.

Unlike many upcoming DJs of today, royale spent his first 5 years as a bedroom DJ perfecting the art of collecting, mixing, and scratching records. It wasn’t until college that he rocked his first house party. House parties led to bar gigs, which quickly led to weekly residencies at some of philadelphia’s premiere nightclubs. Royale was also fortunate enough to study abroad in rome during his tenure at temple university, where upon he met promoters that would give him his first chance at rocking clubs with 1000 + people. On top of this, royale opened for jazzy jeff at the famous piper club in the heart of rome before returning to the us.

Upon returning royale new that DJing would no longer just be a hobby, but would become a way of life. After graduating with a ba in film & media arts he dedicated his entire life to understanding and mastering the art of DJing. By studying the sound and style of the skratch makaniks crew, royale would become a torch carrier for what is known as the ‘philly sound’. Before he knew it he would be taken under the wing by crew member DJ sat one. Some of his other influences include DJ excel, DJ am, a-trak, mix master mike, & jazzy jeff.

Now only a few years after college, royale has managed to rock parties in cities around the country varying from roller disco jams to posh bottle service clubs. He now maintains weekly residencies in philadelphia, new york, & atlantic city, including the late DJ am’s nightclub, dusk.

Royale strives to be multidimensional when it comes to music and his career. In addition to the nightclub scene, he releases a monthly mix titled monthly meds (consisting of new & unfamiliar music of all genres), collaborates with DJs on mixtapes, and has been working on original production for the past two years. He recently took up piano lessons so don’t be surprised to see some serious heat in the next year. Royale also has plans to merge his music career with his film & video skills sometime soon.

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