Salsa Lunes Mondays




San Francisco California United States

Music Style: DJ

Salsa Lunes Mondays Details

Salsa Lunes Mondays

Music By DJ Good Sho

Monday Nighrt Salsa
Dance Lesson By Fernando & Maria

Open footwork (all levels)
Combination (beginner)
Combination (int/adv)

“There are several great Salsa Clubs in San Francisco but what makes Cafe Cocomo stand out above the rest and makes it a perfect destination for you and your salsa-curious family/friends/colleagues is their Monday nights.

Every Monday, Cocomo opens their doors to those new to salsa, offering one lesson for beginners and second lesson for intermediate/advance. Then an open run of the dance floor.

It’s a fantastic way to get a taste of what a genuine salsa club scene feels like without feeling intimidated by a jam-packed room and triple turns.

And at just $10 per person for two lessons plus friendky social dancing with Live Music, you just might be able to afford to treat all your family/friends/colleagues to an authentic San Francisco experience.”