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Sevilla SaturdaysFeaturingTak Tix | PeanutSylvia | SesiTak TixFrankie Smith aka DJ Tak Tix commands a well-known and respected reputation when it comes to the elusive DJ scene in New Zealand. At age 24, DJ Tak Tix is relatively a young disc-jockey in the game but that doesnt stop him on his grind. Through the years, Frankie has developed a deep understanding of the Hip-Hop culture, living and breathing it for the majority of his life. At age ten, his fascination of Hip-Hop music was expressed through breakdance, where he and close friends would share mixtapes and explore new beats for the love of it. New challenges were eventually sought which led to various MC projects within the Crew, eventually ending up at the disc-jockey front.Growing up my older brother Peter James had always been a longstanding and well respected DJ but I had never really taken an interest in the DJ scene. One Christmas he decided to give me his old decks, one spin had me hooked.