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Snowmine are set to release their new album – Dialects – through their own imprint Mystery Buildings. Dialects, Snowmine’s second album in their three year history, was entirely written and produced on their own, and recorded by Jake Aron (Grizzly Bear), and Yale Yng Wong (Here We Go Magic) in a church in Uptown Manhattan. The album chronicles a disoriented period in singer Grayson Sanders’ life, when after the band’s first record, he spontaneously left his job, and spent the following year wandering with a single bag. The lyrics are pulled entirely from the journal he kept during his travels. Dialects is about communication. With the self. With the lover. With society.

It’s about its breakdown, it’s triumphs, and it’s misgivings. Growing off of the band’s previous release, Dialects marks a subtle shift in the band’s sound, from the optimistic, tribal undertones of Laminate Pet Animal, to a more ambient, meditative nostalgia. Recording in a church afforded them the opportunity to record real reverbs, and gather true ambiances one can feel in their headphones. Combine a stronger presence of vintage synthsesizers with the beautiful 1960’s cinema-inspired string, woodwind, and choir orchestrations, and you are left with a surreal retrofuturism beckoning you inside for a fireside chat.

Nightbox have dedicated their life’s work to the primal bliss that rhythm brings, and their labours have consistently borne joyous, funky fruit. “‘Utopia,’ the new track by Toronto disco revivalists Nightbox, sounds, well, utopian, as its gleaming synths and pulsing rhythmic elements conjures up images of a brighter, better future.

When singer Jake Bitove calls out, “Take you away Take you away Utopia,” in his smooth, high-but-not-too-high cadence, it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse, whether he’s welcoming you to the dancefloor or some city of tomorrow. But it’s when the buzzier guitar textures enter the scene that this “Utopia” feels the most real, giving the neon-lit atmosphere some grounding. Nightbox will be releasing its debut album later in 2013.”

Moons Of Mars
Moons of Mars is a band based in Los Angeles. The L.A. born and bred brothers, Giovan Polanco & Mario Polanco began Moons of Mars at the end of 2012. Their debut self-released EP is described
as “catchy tunes with slick pop production and R&B influenced swagger”. Since 2013 they have been writing and drawing crowds at local indie venues. The band is currently finishing production of a new EP, ‘Free to Fly’ which will be released in September 2014.

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