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Strata Details


Singer Eric Victorino puts forth a mission statement, saying, “What music has needed for awhile is someone who can put everything they have into a record.” Further underlining his statement, Victorino says of the band’s self-titled debut, “This isn’t just a single with a bunch of filler, like a lot of albums today are these are songs that mean a lot to us, and hopefully will mean a lot to the people who hear it.”

From the aggressive opener “Piece By Piece” to the melodic introspection of tracks like “When It’s All Burning” and “The Panic” to the fully-bared statement of purpose that is “I Will Breathe Fire,” Strata reveals itself to be a thinking person’s rock band, with emotive lyrics, intricate instrumentation and a sense of realness. The album was entirely self-produced and self-recorded in the band’s own studio, highly unusual for a debut album.

Victorino considers Strata’s independence and self reliance as one of the band’s defining elements. “We just went about recording our songs because that’s what a band does,” he says. “There was no producer standing there telling us how to pull it off. And now Wind-Up is putting out the finished album almost exactly the way we did it.”

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