SV & The Killer B’s

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SV & The Killer B’s Details

Theres not much
online about Shaun Verreaults new side project, and what there is
could be misleading. Google SV and the Killer Bs and youll be
directed to a YouTube clip that starts out with some derivative Stevie
Ray Vaughanstyle guitar spanking. As things build, however, its
apparent that the Wide Mouth Mason frontman has more to offer than the
usual played-out Texas blues shtick.

The Bs also happen to be Odds bassist Doug Elliott, long-time Bryan
Adams drummer Pat Stewart, and Brickhouse organist Darryl Havers, three
A-team musicians Verreault hooked up with during weekly sessions at the
Yale Hotel.

Theyd have to be daring. Although there are some obvious templates for
what SV and the Killer Bs are up to, notably jam bands Govt Mule and
the North Mississippi Allstars, Verreault and crew are taking things one
step further by making up entire songs on the fly. Even more surprising
are the artists Verreault says inspired him to unleash his inner