Tango Class With Glenn

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Tango Class With Glenn Details

Tango Class With Glenn Corteza

Tango Basics
11:30am – 12:30pm Walking, Rhythm Training, And Fundamentals.
Tango Concepts
12:30pm – 01:30pm Dance Technique, Musicality And Improvisation.
Free Practica 1:30pm – 2:45pm.
Glenn Corteza

Is One Of San Francisco’s Best Teachers. He Focuses On The Essentials Of Social Dancing And Promotes Mastery Of The Basics. Students Enjoy His Classes On Musicality And Core Building Fundamentals Which Includes Ear Training, Mastering Rhythms, And Dance Technique. Students Get A Broader Perspective Of The Dance And Not Just Memorization Of Flashy Sequences. He Promotes Creativity And Incorporates Exercises To Build On Each Individuals Potential To Improvise On Their Own. Glenn’s Classes Are Fun And He Keeps The It Light And Simple. His Outrageous Comments And Humorous Visual Analogies Will Have You Laughing While Learning.

Glenn Has Been Dancing For 14 Years And Has Studied With Many Of The Argentine Masters. He Has Performed On Stage Productions, Appeared On Commercials, And Performed In Many Public And Private Events. He Is Also A Member Of The Group, Quinteto Del Bailongo, Where He Plays The Double-Bass.

Master The Basics! Whether You Are A Beginner Or Advanced Student, These Classes Are For The Students Who Wish To Continually Improve. Rather Than Teaching Flashy Sequences, You Learn To How To Develop A Vocabulary Of Movements And Apply Them Accordingly To The Music That Is Playing. Synchronization Of Movement To Music Is Essential To Building A Solid Foundation.

Exercises Are In Four-Beats. Dance Concepts Are Broken Down Into Its Simplest Components Giving You The Ability To Rebuild Sequences Of Your Own Selection. This Approach Allows You To Dance Independently, Comfortably, Confidently, And Most Importantly, To Dance With Spirit.