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Team Boystown

Drink And Drown
DJ Jay-R

Music always played a vital role for DJ Jay-R! As a young boy he received his first turntable and developed an extreme fascination with all things musical.

As he grew up he followed any musical inspiration that crossed his path. At the age of 21 whole new world presented itself, one that would define his life and future, ultimately jump starting him into his career.

DJ Jay-R was introduced to electronic/house music full force at the age of 18. He quickly fell in love with the rhythms and pulses they create, it was unlike anything he had previously ever experienced! He expressed interest to a friend, and resident DJ at a local hotspot, who began showing him the ropes at the age of 20.

Shortly after, he began working at a nightclub in Pensacola, FL by the name of “Emerald City.” This club sat just minutes from the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Quickly he learned the draw tourism had on the area. Emerald City would pack the house almost every night of the week, with many nights over 1000 people. His desire to DJ was insatiable! He took the necessary steps to solidify his chance! Jay-R started at the club as the barback, and quickly moved into bartending, all the while practicing his skills at home. He then transferred to Emerald City’s sister club in New Orleans, the world renowned “OZ.”

From that point, he began rehearsing and practicing with every free moment, growing as a DJ, while bartending the late night/early morning shift. After bout a year in New Orleans he returned to Emerald City and was given his break! He received his first shot at the 1’s and 2’s (spinning all vinyl) dJing for an audience. ” I connected to my crowd the first time”, he says, and his future was all laid out ahead of him. Things began rapidly changing. He quickly began djing two of the hottest nights at the club after his potential was realized.