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The Company Men

The Company Men

Key Club

9039 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles California United States

Tags: Concerts

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The Company Men Details

The Company MenAmericas First Mashup group, The Company Men bring you the hottest night of live entertainment in town. A modern day Mad Men meets Rat Pack in anexclusive nightclub environment.Together, singers Daniel Tatar, Shawn Perucca, Stuart Ambrose and Brian Purcell deliver a unique blend of vocal talent and showmanship that harkens back to an earlier era while pushing the boundaries of today’s sound. With tight harmonies, sharp choreography and a diverse setlist — from the Four Tops to Maroon 5, Michael Jackson to Michael Bubl, Bruno Mars to the Temptations — the Company Men transcend time and genre in a show that’s as fresh as it is familiar and as entertaining as it is memorable. Come and enjoy friends, good food, drinks and a great night of music.