The Solo Act

This event has expired.

The Solo Act Details

The Solo Act
Part of Hot Springs

The event formally known as ‘Right Approach’ is taking a different approach! We are pleased to introduce ‘The Solo Act,’ which will be a new workshop presented on the 4th Wednesday of every month, as part of ‘Hot Springs’ at Oasis!

Have you ever wanted to know what happens at a water-themed sex club? Are you a guy who has always wanted to take the plunge? Curious about what to expect? We want to meet you!

Join us for ‘The Solo Act’-an introduction to our most popular weekly event, Hot Springs-where single men can attend alone and enjoy Oasis Aqualounge!

At 9:00pm on Wednesday July 24th, you will meet our “panel” of sexy Oasis experts and regulars of the club. We will be facilitating a fun, casual Q &A discussion on the social aspects of Oasis and bathhouse etiquette. Quench your thirst for adventure and knowledge and meet our friendly staff. It is our pleasure to introduce YOU to this unique venue and carefree environment!.

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