The Start Of It All with David T



1325 Government St

Victoria, BC Canada

Music Style: DJ

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The Start Of It All with David T Details

Rewind & Relive (R&R) PresentsThe Start Of It All with David TEvery Sunday DJ Divinyl a.k.a. David T (plus a Very Special Guest) brings you the Music that Started it All… with rotating, once a month Drag Show featuring Shelita Buffet and Princess Psycho Bruce… so slip back to a time when we were “Kings” and “Queens”!!!David TDavid’s Life in the Music World has come to Represent a “Right of Passage” for Generations of New DJs… If this guy hasn’t told you how Bad You Suck, than you haven’t really made it!!! Now that he’s playing himself there’s certain to be a few Damaged Egos hoping to find Vindication in his Failure… but, David Tillson was a God in the 80s and he’s still better than you are now. His style is influenced by sounds most of us weren’t even alive to hear and ever since he got started he’s Been Gettin’ Records like Bar Staff gets Jager Shots. The Treats and Secrets hidden away in those vast archives are guaranteed to pleasantly surprise even the most serious of music snobs. His Sunday Nights are about Memories – He wants to Relive them… you would too, if you only had a couple left!!! So whether it’s to revitalize a sense of nostalgia growing dim with old age, or to experience, for the first time, the sounds of an era that made HIM so much fun, this music will be good for you – you’ll be better for it.

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