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Music Style: Electronic, Experimental Metal, Hip-Hop, Metal

Tink with Vince Staples Details

Tink with Vince Staples

“A no-bullshit teenage feminist is Timbaland’s new protégé.” The FADER laid it out on the table when they put the rising Chicago-native, now Atlanta-based rapper Tink on their February/March 2015 cover, comparing her to Foxy Brown and Frank Ocean in the profile. They’re not the only publication to be keeping a close eye on her, either. Tink – born Trinity Home – has been mentioned everywhere from Buzzfeed (where they commended her for a track speaking to racial politics, released shortly after the Michael Brown verdict) to Billboard (interviewing her about her 2014 Sleigh Bells collaboration, “That Did It”); and both Fuse and VH1 listed her on their rising female rappers to keep an eye on. Timbaland saw it too; the producer signed Tink to his Mosley Music Group label and has been helping her ready her full-length debut, expected out this year. For her part, Tink’s unbelievably cognizant of the weight she’s carrying on her shoulders – representing both a racial minority and a marginalized gender within the hip hop genre itself. As she told Billboard in her 2014 interview: “People stereotype female rappers a whole lot. They expect us to talk a certain way, to look a certain way, [and] dress a certain way. And I’m not with that.”

Vince Staples
The 21-year-old Vince Staples has big things planned. Upfront about his regrettable gangbanging past and with an eye on police brutality, tackling social commentary and awareness through lyrical storytelling is one of them. The rapper’s enormous ambition was detailed on the 2014 ‘Hell Can Wait’ EP – a Def Jam release LA Weekly dubbed the “‘Fuck the Police’ for the new generation” and Stereogum called “one of the best rap records of the year.” No big deal for his first major-label effort. Needless to say, expectation for Staples’ July 2015 full-length ‘Summertime’ debut is intense. With past experience involving work with Odd Future, Mac Miller, and as one-third of Cutthroat Boyz, we’re fully confident the Long Beach rapper will deliver. As the success of Kendrick Lamar, YG, et al. has shown, it’s a good time to be from the West Coast school of rap but even with the ‘Summertime’ title, you can expect the record to be full of realism, cynicism, and pessimism – facts of life Staples is more than comfortable and capable of maneuvering.

Majical Cloudz
The duo of Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto instantly captivated with 2012’s ‘Impersonator’ and, with it, they found themselves thrust into the blog spotlight as well as on stage in front of Lorde’s endless army of supporters. The New Zealand pop star was a fan of the Montreal band and, as could only happen in Hollywood, they met at a Grammys party when Welsh and Otto were helping out longtime friend Grimes at a Roc Nation pre-party. The resulting late-2014 tour with Lorde saw Majical Cloudz opening up much larger stages than the dark club affairs they were initiated in, but their sense of minimalism, intimacy, and intensity remained intact – if not a bit more dramatic. How that experience will translate into recent music has yet to be seen, but with new material expected for 2015, we’re likely to be just as enthralled as ever.

Amen Dunes
In January, Amen Dunes released ‘Cowboy Worship’ – a six-song EP giving life to music left off the equally stunning 2014 record ‘Love’. The new release sees Amen Dunes reviving ideas and contextualizing them within their original intentions. ‘Love’ itself was a departure from Damon McMahon’s usual efforts. It was an album described as “devotional music”, was a year-and-a-half in the making, featured 16 musicians, and was recorded in five separate studios. While his warbled delivery and meditative, simplistic structures remained, in the past McMahon had often tackled those releases as a solo effort. ‘Love’ brought him from New York to Montreal, working with members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Colin Stetson, and Iceage’s Elias Bender-Ronnenfelt on its final, stunning constructs.

Jessica Pratt
You’d be forgiven for thinking Jessica Pratt was from another era. Possibly all of them or, at the very least, a hidden gem stored tenderly amongst your parents’ (hopefully) far-reaching record collection. With a voice like that, she feels right at home amongst names like Joni Mitchell, Sibylle Baier, and Donovan – but she’s also hard to pin down to one specific reference point. So much of what the Los Angeles-based musician does is haunting and unsettled; there are elements you can certainly reference, but both its freak-folk and its peripheral touchstones are constantly moving, contorting, and tangling. Recent profiles in Clash, Pitchfork, and American Songwriter all attest to Pratt’s talents as a lyricist and a songwriter. As Flavorwire wrote of her 2015 sophomore album – a record that comes eight-years after she recorded her excellent self-titled debut – “Listing to ‘On Your Own Love Again’ is like staring into a mirror that’s survived decades without cracking but hasn’t escaped its fair share of warping.”

Container is the solo guise of multi-faceted artist Ren Schofield from Nashville, TN. The techno beat-centric project crushes the listeners senses with warped loops and distorted noise.

Sannhet is a metal band from Brooklyn, NY. The instrumental trio of AJ Annunziata (bassist), Christopher Todd (drummer), and John Refano (guitarist) released their debut album, 2013’s ‘Known Flood’, on Sacrament — an imprint label started by the founders of Greenpoint, Brooklyn venue St. Vitus. Prepare for an intense live show choreographed by flood and strobe lights. You’ll wonder how all this noise could come from just three guys.

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