Uptown Fridays

This event has expired.

Uptown Fridays Details

Uptown FridaysThis hidden gem of York Region has now been discovered and brings the downtown crowds and fast lifestyle to the north. Equipped with 14+ booths, a master booth and an adjustable stage there are no limits of joy and amusement one can experience. With a sound system that costs as much as some other venues the music being played is heard in the most crisp wave lengths. This venue is decorated in great white sheets with custom designed walls bringing you the best experiences from all around to uptown.Come live, love and laugh with, BeFresh at Uptown Fridays at On the Rox.To enter this lavish environment you must be above the age of 19.Ladies are free before 11:00 on guestlistContact for Guest list ReservationsFree parkingMusic byDJ Chris Mayhem (Resident of Hyde Lounge)DJ Max ChanBook your booths!Bottle Specials:Champagne $60Sky Vodka $100Grey Goose $130Jack Daniels $135Crown Royal $135Johnny Walker Black $155