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Video DJ Huda Hudia

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Video DJ Huda Hudia Details

Video DJ Huda Hudia

Video DJ Huda Hudia tears it up this Saturday at Andrews Upstairs! With upgraded sound and lights, Andrews Upstairs is bringing the Dance Club back to the heart of Buckhead!

DJ Huda Hudia
Huda Hudia has released over 225 songs on his Kaleidoscope Music, Kaleidoscope All Stars, Puffin’ Records, and Uniscope Records labels. Out of the more than 225 songs released, Huda Hudia, has either writen or co-produced 115 of those tracks. He has worked with EA Sports, Huda’s track “System Overload,” is featured on course one of the famed SSX Tricky game. Recently, Huda Hudia tracks have been featured on the popular MTV show Punk’d, Jackie Chan Promo, Pokemon Promo, Ozzy & Dr Promo, Scooby-Do Promo, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Promo.

The style and blend of music Huda Hudia has brought to the underground Florida dance scene was recognized by the Weekly Planet (a Tampa Bay area newspaper), when he was voted the city’s Best DJ in 1996. The article goes on to read, “Back in the good old days when dancers partied all night and sobered up in time for lunch, DJs were Tampa’s superstars. They had their own followings- devoted fans worshipping the sounds and the feelings of the party. If they were the kings of nightlife, then his majesty Huda Hudia reigned superior with an unbelievable ability to spin explosive sounds at clubs like the Masquerade. Pacifier-sucking kids would line up for blocks to get a piece of blown-up techno action. Like a conductor directing an orchestra of ravers, Huda Hudia spread the energy on thick and the crowd responded wildly with screams and whistles.”

Currently you can see Huda Hudia performing at least 5 nights a week in the Atlanta area. He currently has the longest running video night in Atlanta at VIA on Wednesday nights. An Atlanta hot spot for over 2 1/2 years and considered Atlanta’s #1 Wednesday night destination. On Thursday’s you can see his VJ show along side DJ Danny M at Tongue and Groove. The legendary Thursday nights have been going on for over 15 years. On Friday and Saturday nights Huda DJ’s at all the top Atlanta hotspots! From college night at 5 Paces Inn to the upscale W Hotels, Whisky Blue & Whisky Park, to the legendary Friday nights at Havana! On Sunday’s you can catch him at Eclipse Di Luna or Tavern. Monday’s at Industry Night at Havana, and Tuesday’s at either MF Room or 80’s night at Tin Lizzy!