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Wasted Space Friday


Wasted Space (VENUE CLOSED)

4455 Paradise Road

Las Vegas Nevada United States

Music Style: DJ

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Wasted Space Friday Details

Wasted Space Friday

Wasted Space

Every Fridays
9:00 PM

Music By

Originally from Southern California, Brent DJ B-Rok Duncan, although young to the DJ community is no rookie.

He started mixing music in his room when he was just 14 years old. B-Rok started his DJing career by getting night time slots over the internet and was eventually picked up by a Cruise Line by age 18.

He was with the cruise line until 2009 when he decided he wanted to take his DJ career to the next level and come to the land of DJs, Las Vegas. With a resume coming from work overseas B-Rok knew that getting his foot in the door would be no easy task.

When one night he met a man that would help him get his foot in the door and change his life. The door was to one of Las Vegas hottest spots in that The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. B-Rok was opened to a whole new world so long as he showed the management he was worthy. Brent DJ B-Rok Duncan is now one of the Resident DJs at Carey Harts Wasted Space.

He can be seen up close and personal Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday Nights. B-Rok is always appreciative of meeting fans and anyone who just wants to say hi.