Attack Mashup Wednesday



3325 Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada United States

Music Style: DJ

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Attack Mashup Wednesday Details

Mike Attack kicks off
Attack Mashup Wednesday

Mike Attack

The fro. The smile. The larger than life presence (with a personality to match) and the jam-packed dancefloor are signs of being under the influence of DJ mikeattack. Dubbed as the “pied piper of djs,” the las vegas-based mc has proven himself as the leader with the strongest and most faithful following in the desert. Inspired by his deep love for music that he shares worldwide, dj m!keattack knows how to bring the party to the party.

At the tender age of 13, his fingers first touched the turntables and were quickly magnetized to the art of spinning and scratching. A full time dj for the past 8 years, m!keattack can be credited for introducing the indie-electro-house and dance til’ you’re dead inspired scene to las vegas that seemed impossible for others to do.

M!keattack’s career began at beauty bar las vegas when he remarkably rocked an impromptu night. Directly after that first gig he was offered a weekly residencyand it didn’t take long for the party-rocking dj to gain a cult following. Soon the idea of creating projects to bring his nights to a whole new level was sparked and executed. With the goal of giving his friends and fans an atmosphere with new and funky music and a positive yet hip vibe, he created high in demand weekly events like atomic disco (red room), cherry bomb (red rock) and most recently popular hipster hangout, shake ‘n pop fridays (the artisan). With numerous achivements under his belt, he is viewed as a major influence in the downtown las vegas scene, paving the way for up and coming djs and most recently praised for leading his downtown followers to his latest endeavor, residency at ghostbar’s snitch wednesdays inside the palms.

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