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Welcome Monday Morning Afterhours

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Matt Martinez
DJ Matt Martinez was born in Linwood California, but he called Idaho home for most of his life. Matt Martinez’s background is a unique blend of Indian, Filipino and Mexican heritage. Matt faced major changes in his life in 1993, which included career choices and relocation to South Florida. Matt came to Florida to play not music but professional football for the Miami Hooters, an Arena Football League team. Before music became his focus, Matt lived an amazing life. This period of Matt’s life included everything from traveling around the world, attending the Grammy’s, to starring in 5 major motion pictures like “Any Given Sunday” directed by Oliver Stone. He met Super Model Nikki Taylor during this period and together eloped to Vegas. In 1994 they both became the proud parents of twin boys Hunter and Jake.

With an apartment in South Beach, Florida clubs and the VIP nightlife were a weekly routine for Matt and Nikki. Matt soon became a familiar face to most club owners and those in the industry. To Matt, going out to the clubs was about being with friends even though his long time friend, Marc Anthony would always know which DJ would be spinning where. It wasn’t until one particular night that it all came together for Matt. That night was a explosive combination of music and lights that lasted 16 hours. Matt stayed those full 16 hours while his friends slept waiting in the car. Matt was hooked. Matt would listen to the music over and over to get as much from every track as he could. He learned what it meant to understand the music. Now with an even greater passion for the music Matt was again was at a major crossroad in his life.

Music had always been a part of Matt’s life as far back as his early childhood. He recalls when in the fourth grade sporting the very popular feathered hair look and running a Disco out of his garage. Matt would hang purple and orange signs he made out of foil from his garage windows to let his friends know about the Disco Party he was hosting. His exposure to music has been as diverse as his life ranging from country music to ballroom dancing. Matt was surrounded by music. His father played the guitar and his sister, the piano.

Knowing most of the key people in the club industry Matt was able to get some gigs in Miami Beach without having prior experience. When first booked at Crobar Miami, one of the biggest clubs on South Beach, Matt did not dare tell the Owners he owned only 13 records. Matt was able to pull it off however using a style that was a combination of his distinctive, energetic and spontaneous personality. Soon thereafter he was hired at Billboard Live, now owning 3 boxes of records. That was soon followed with a residency at Crobar on Saturday Nights. Matt has since spun at Nerve, Maze, Rain, and Cafeteria. He has also traveled to places like Paris, the Dominican Republic and Chicago. Matt has also had the opportunity to play with such DJ icons as DJ Keoki, Kidd Rock, DJ George Acosta and Crystal Method.

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