Wild Wednesdays

This event has expired.

Wild Wednesdays Details



We have another edition of Wild Wednesday’s at Jacks. Week after week we have been giving you a reason to come out and drink and a reason to not wake up on Thursday.

As usual we will have our $1 Beers and other drink specials all night long but as an added bonus we will be having Jerzy & Stirling, a DJing duo from Windsor coming up to fill our ears with their unique style.

From their beginnings, music was their language. For Jerzy, it began with a drumbeat – literally – as a drummer in an acclaimed military pipeband. For Stirling, as the ‘go-to’ guy for music whenever a party with friends was in the works. Through their pursuit of a sound, and our pleasure in the expression of it, we have had the chance to be part of something special. We get to watch as these musicians evolve themselves and into their sound. That ‘sound’ is a dangerous and dirty tribal tech that begs to be danced to…. and if that isn’t enough to get you up off your ass, then their infamous blowhorn will.

So come out this Wednesday to have a little mid week stress relief and put back a few $1 Beers with all your friends.

For any info and questions please contact

Kyle Standaert-519-859-5404
Oliver Shanks-519-933-654