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Flint (Detroit) Party Places

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3708 Robert T Longway Blvd, Detroit, Michigan (Flint) United States

Jamins Lounge - Why go to bed when you can have another drink? At Jamins Lounge, located at 3708 Robert T Longway Blvd, the party marches into the late, late hours, as they have one of the best all-night parties. Of course, this could mean some serious pain the next morning (or, more likely, the next afternoon.) Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [more]

The Machine Shop

3539 S Dort Hwy, Detroit, Michigan (Flint) United States

The Machine Shop Concert Lounge is located in Flint, Michigan and has been booking the best live music entertainment in rock, metal, and outlaw country since 2002. Tickets are available online at www.etix.com, Paradise Express in the Dort Mall 810-743-0330, High Octane Apparel located on Thompson Road in Fenton or at the club during business hours [more]