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blagclub Kensal Road

Canalot Studios, 222 Kensal Ro, London, England (Kensington) United Kingdom

020-7243 0123

the blagclub: the art of DIY micro clubbing. the blagclub is for those that want to chill and eat, groove’, chat, blag and celebrate in an exotic, serene Asian themed lounge room to the backroom beat of lounge core, cutting edge and party tunes. the blagclubs are not situated on high streets but are tucked away from the non-discerning [more]

blagclub- Holland Park

11 Russell Gardens, off Hollan, London, England (Kensington) United Kingdom

020-7243 0123

The blagclubs are tucked away from the non-discerning. We spread awareness through word of mouth, via friends of friends and hosting parties. We have no specific dress code, but more so a ‘friendly code' of conduct. The Holland Park blagclub is at 11 Russell Gardens, in a basement. So you descend into a gold ceiling room, you can kick back [more]

Bar 77

Bar 77, London, England (Kensington) United Kingdom


Bar 77 is a classy intimate Basement venue opposite Gloucester rd Tube station , the venue holds 120, good dance space and seating areas. This venue is great for Birthday bookings and club nights, blending the comfort of all night clubbing & the lounge scene with the sophistication of a Great Bar, Bar 77 creates the perfect environment for late [more]