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Find Your Groove: 7 Best Dance Clubs in Vancouver

By clubZone

Everyone's got a different style; use this list to help you decide what type of dance you're in the mood for, then go let loose on the dance floor.

  • Celebrities

    By clubZone

    With one of the best sound systems in Vancouver (if not Canada), Celebrities provides an inclusive environment that's very conducive to shaking your thang.

  • Red Room

    By clubZone

    Choose the right night to come here! The themes vary greatly at Red Room, but if your looking to swing your hips and tango, know Friday is Latin night.

  • The Bourbon Country Bar

    By clubZone

    If country is your thing, then heel-toe on over to The Bourbon for a good ol' time (and a bull ride or two).

  • Fortune Sound Club

    By clubZone

    Fortune has an eclectic mix of hip-hop, remixes and dance music. Even the stiffest people are bound to loosen up here—their live shows are also not to be missed.

  • Electric Owl Social Club

    By clubZone

    If indie or hipster is your style, then Electric Owl is the place to bump along to the coolest tunes with a chill crowd.

  • Five Sixty

    By clubZone

    The massive club allows you to find plenty of space to dance as grand as your heart desires.

  • Caprice

    By clubZone

    If you're all out of options, Caprice is a great go-to back up. Go sing along to all the top 40 hits and dance along.

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Drop Zone Nightclub

6375 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Orlando Florida United States

Drop Zone Nightclub: Your Venue for Parties, Music & Fun! We've got that exclusive and hip vibe, parties and music of all kinds and fantastic events with top acts. At Drop Zone Nightclub it's all about music and fun! Dance until the morning hours or spend a relaxing evening with your friends - our club has different areas to fit your [more]

Anti-Gravity Orlando

5390 W Irlo Bronson Highway, Orlando Florida United States

The first of its kind to hit Florida, Anti-Gravity Orlando is the most refreshing new addition to O-town! Once home to the famous MovieRider, this converted warehouse space offers over 4000 square feet of floor space and vaulted ceilings and a full size stage (with a secret): more than enough space for the best aerial performers in the business [more]