Los Angeles Art Gallery

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Royal T

8910 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles California United States



Downtown Loft

613 Imperial St., Los Angeles California United States

Big outside area and large indoor. Bar on the side, drink anywhere in the venue. Approx. capacity – 1.200


Hangar 51

3775 S. Broadway, Los Angeles California United States

An underground Los Angeles venue.


Swift Gallery

676 south avenue 21 Suite 200, Los Angeles California United States

Swift Gallery Foundation is a non-profit exhibition and performance space for provocative art and culture, located at the Brewery Complex in downtown Los Angeles.


Interfoto Productions

140 East chestnut ave, Los Angeles California United States

We are currently a production studio located in old town Monrovia. We have opened our location for public/private events, lounge parties, corporate etc.. We have held several events at our location with great success and satisfaction. Our overall goal is to fully move away from photography and have this location be self sufficient in being […]


Dystopian Studios at the Brewery Arts Complex

670 Moulton Ave #9, Los Angeles California United States

Escape inside the Dystopian Studios, an art gallery and studio space in the Brewery Arts Complex that has been transformed into a singular, unique, and immerse art installation. With interiors that combine the aesthetic of a speakeasy, fallout shelter, and post-apocalyptic fantasy land, Dystopian Studios is a space like no other.



427 E.1st St., Los Angeles California United States
562 901 9949

The East Village Arts District has offered a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to come and enjoy a new spectacle of art and artists. On the second Saturday of each month the Art Walk has been successful in bringing a large variety of people to First and Linden streets to enjoy […]


2ONE3 Studio

2865 West 7th St, Los Angeles California United States

A warehouse converted into a photography studio by day, nightclub by night.