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The Park Theatre image

The Park Theatre

698 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

204-478-PARK (7275)

The Park Theatre is now in its tenth year of operation and has grown into one of Winnipeg’s premier live event venues. With over 300 events a year spanning music, comedy, theatre, and film, the room has become home to an expansive community of artists. [more]

Terrace West & East

Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown, 288 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg,MB, R3C 0B8, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Terrace West & East [more]

Dj Battle Promotions &DJ SKOOL

295 seven oaks, Winnipeg, Manitoba (North East) Canada

HEY MUSIC LOVERS!! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to DJ your own school dance? Do you want to be a DJ? Are you not sure how to learn? Look no further, Millenium Sound has just opened up Winnipeg's first DJ Skool! You will learn to spin tunes with the best of them, with one on one training with Industry Trained Professionals! You [more]

Riding Mountain National Park

Dauphin, MB R7N 0Z4, Canada., Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Riding Mountain National Park is a national park in Manitoba, Canada. The park sits atop the Manitoba Escarpment. Consisting of a protected area, the forested parkland stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding prairie farmland. It was designated a National Park because it protects three different ecosystems that converge in the area; grasslands, [more]

The Cube

133 Albert Street, Old Market Square, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Whether functioning as a neighborhood park or as a hub for the entire city during summer festivals, Old Market Square has undeniable significance for the health and vitality of the Exchange District. [more]

Frigid Hair

2388 Forestview Pl, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada


Frigid Hair is about finding the beauty in having fun & fabulous hair. Frigid Hair is about great service with great results with great music in a funktional vintage environment [more]