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550 Washington Ave., Miami Florida United States

Fusing its superior white-glove service with the latest innovation in technology, Bamboo Miami Beach has reinvented club nightlife in Miami Beach. This historic 27,000 square foot party features special events with artists such as Rick Ross, Trey Songz and Nelly just to name a few, and its impressive resident DJs attract a crowd that just […]


Buck 15

707 LINCOLN LANE, Miami Florida United States

Buck 15 Kick back, dance, or party hard at one of the most unique party destinations in Miami, BUCK 15. An incredible combination of underground basement and party club, you can sit back and drink champagne on basement coffeetables. This unique venue is ideal for hosting some of the most outrageous and fun events and […]


SOUZ Miami – Club & VIP Lounge

739 Washington Ave., Miami Florida United States

DJ and Producer , From Brazil. Living In Miami/Fort Lauderdale, has been producing music for many years , and now decided to show his talent in person on the night clubs throughout the world. The Brazilian, E.M. Producer besides been a International DJ and Internet Radio Host also he is a Podcaster and Entrepreneur with […]


Harrison Lounge

411 Washington Ave., Miami Florida United States

Some people call us a Miami hot spot. If you’re looking for the ultimate in snob and too-cool-for-school this is the place for you. We are better than you will ever be – try calling us for a reservation and we’ll tell you to straight f-off.


Whitelaw Hotel and Lounge

808 Collins Avenue, Miami Florida United States

The Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge is a shining Pearl in the South Beach area. Conveniently located right in Miami Beach’s Art deco district. One of the hottest spots in all Florida. The slogan reads, “clean sheets, hot water, stiff drinks”. The clean sheets are Belgian, the hot water falls onto marble, and the stiff drinks.. […]



546 Lincoln Road, Miami Florida United States
(305) 672-3663

Accessible from both the Cafeteria restaurant and also through its own entrance at the side of the venue, the Lounge at Cafeteria is a cozy, attractive venue offering an intimate alternative to huge megaclubs. With plenty of seating areas for large and small groups and unique egg shaped chairs, the lounge boasts a strong interior […]


Automatic Slims South Beach

1216 Washington Ave, Miami Florida United States

Where the beautiful people come to get ugly. At Automatic Slims, it’s not just about the hot bartenders, the cheap drinks, and the fun at all costs attitude. We also have a mouthwatering array of munchies right at your fingertips! Slims is known for its meaty, succulent, piping hot wings, without the worry of being […]