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The Hottest Party Places in Miami

If you're planning a great night out in Miami but you're not sure on where to party, don't sweat: clubZone has combined thousands of listings of all the nightlife venues in town all on this one page. Whether you want to catch the game at a sports bar, hit up a sexy strip club, or party hard at one of the many nightclubs in town, you'll find the perfect party place right here.

Use the filter to search for venues of a specific type, such as nightclubs, lounges, bars, or restaurants. Alternatively, you can also use the neighborhood filter to find a venue close to home or in your favorite part of town. Once you've found something that tickles your fancy, make sure you click on the venue listing and check out its unique description, relevant photo galleries, and reviews to get a feel for the place.

Each listing also features links to all the upcoming events at the venue, as well as guest list information. If you're interested in a ticketed event, you'll be able to buy tickets directly from the event listing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing and prepare yourself for a great night out in Miami!