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251 West 30th Street, New York New York NY United States

SATURDAYS - ALBION - NEW YORK CITY, NY DJ''s Hellraver, Gyn & Xian: Spin EBM, Industrial, Techno, Trance and Elektro In The Armory Ian Fford: EBM, Industrial, Post Retro, Future Pop & New Wave On The Main Floor Patrick & Cyn: Gothic Dance, Darkwave, Synthpop & Elektro In The Tower Want $5 Off At The Door? Email [more]

SPIRIT Nightclub

530 W 27th St bet 10th & 11th, New York New York NY United States

SPIRIT occupies the hallowed ground which previously housed the legendary nightclubs Sound Factory and Twilo. The gateway is distinctively marked with SPIRIT's seven point star logo - the symbol of "Spirit" as defined in Native American myth. Entering this passageway to SPIRIT is the start of a holistic nightlife experience and uplifting personal [more]


530 W. 27th Street, 6th floor, New York New York NY United States

Located in a bi-level penthouse at 530 West 27th Street, BED New York is the first downtown restaurant to combine two dining floors with a 360-degree rooftop view of the sweeping midtown New York skyline BED New York measures more than 15,000 square feet and can hold up to 620 guests. The design and concept by owner Oliver Hoyos fuses [more]


72 Madison Ave , New York New York NY United States

Olana , more info coming soon… [more]

Hollywood Nights

111 Beekman Ave, New York New York NY United States

Hollywood Nights, more info coming soon… [more]

CLOSED – Crobar NY

530 West 28th St. (between 10, New York New York NY United States

New York has been waiting for a club that harks back to a time when the season's latest shoes weren't necessarily what got you in the door. The front bar, spiked with larger-than-life reeds, has seating and a small stage area, while an industrial feel pervades the airplane hangar-like main dance room, overlooked by a balcony on three sides. [more]


766 Grand St, New York New York NY United States

Stain, more info coming soon… [more]

Blue Angel

323 W 44th St, New York New York NY United States

Blue Angel, more info coming soon… [more]


147 Mercer Street, New York New York NY United States

SubMerce The myth of an ultra-exclusive nightclub once buried away under the Mercer Hotel has been circulating the streets of New York for years. And now, after being closed for over five years, The Submercer—legendary for its celebrity-packed parties— is open for business. To get there, pass the Mercer Hotel (no. 147) and enter a little [more]